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A selection of mixes curated by Private Agenda.

An hour’s pick n’ mix of sweet and salty treats: there’s recent funk oddities to taste at the top of the bag a few, disco lollipops in the middle, but dig a little deeper and you’ll find some headier, psychedelic morsels...

Full tracklist for After Dinner Mints

Disco, disco, disco, disco. Fit for all shapes and sizes.

Full tracklist for On Te L'avait Dit

Curated aboard a trans-atlantic flight, take off for the stratosphere in an hour’s glide through a mix of ambient, new age and modern classical - all the stuff that inspires our instrumental work.

Full tracklist for At 32,000 Feet

Dive into the wormhole and enter our domain: an eclectic musical journey that dips into house, the strains of italo and wonky disco, fit for Barbarellas and your nearest basement.

Full tracklist for Cosmic Zoom