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Cosmic Zoom

Dive into the wormhole and enter our domain: an eclectic musical journey that dips into house, the strains of italo and wonky disco, fit for Barbarellas and your nearest basement.


Capeface - Rose Hips
Coyote - Engineered Garments (Selvy Remix)
Verdo - Big Fish
Donald Dust - Ghost House Theme
Jonny Rock - Unidentified Robot
Moses - We Just
Sony Enang - Don’t Stop That Music
International Music System - An English ‘93
C Powers - All Right (John Barera & Will Martin remix)
Playgroup - Move My Body
Dennis Ferra - Son of Raw
Sleazy Mcqueen & Romano Arcaini - Disco De Moda
Azoto - San Salvador (single version)
No Logo - Wireman (Robot 84 remix)
James Booth - Seeing Voices