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Love is a Stranger

Format: Digital
Release Date: 6th May 2019

So, we’re not ‘anti-covers’ per se, but we don’t often go there…. particularly when it comes to reworking the music that is most special to you. But LAGASTA’s request – to recreate some of their favourite music for their tenth anniversary – was a request we couldn’t turn down. After all, they have supported us right from the outset (and even booked us for our very first London show).

Love Is A Stranger by Eurythmics isn’t just one of our (and their) favourite tracks, but a fave of synthpop lovers everywhere, so the stakes were pretty high. So we channeled one of our performance personas: the laid-bare piano chanteur. We rehearsed and recorded it in just a few takes – here is the one that made the final cut. The cover comes off somewhere between intimate study of one of our musical heroes, and a last-minute, on-the-spot wedding cover request, which we just about manage to pull off… not a single dry eye in the marquee, thankfully…

In the end, our rendition is a haunting lullaby, stripped bare; LAGASTA then added their own disco sparkle in the form of a dry-thumping drum machine and some final synth flourishes.