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Do It Thin

Format: Vinyl, Digital
Release Date: 6th December 2019
Label: Skint

Around the time we were gearing up to put out our first single as Private Agenda, Geoff Kirkwood aka Man Power was already blazing a trail around some of Berlin’s most exciting underground clubs with his wild mix of house and techno, carried off in a sublime yet slightly ridiculous fashion… just as dance music should be really. His debut full length album on Correspondant remains one of our favourite of the last few years, innovative yet fun in equal measure.

It’s partly for this reason that Geoff is a massive lover of pop music – particularly of the 1980s variety – and took an immediate shining to Deja Vu, the first record we put out on International Feel, getting in touch to say how much he liked the track and to prospect a collaboration. At the time, Geoff was packing up to relocate to Mexico to start a new life with his wife, so this was another collaboration that came together ‘from a distance’, taking the form of the interchange of scratch demos made on a mobile and lots of emails sent back and forth. In the end, we came up with Do It Thin, a track which unites our collective approaches with its melancholy immediacy and hedonistic intensity with a playful edge.

Talking of neat fits, this is a combination that Brighton’s Skint Records who continue to work with many of our inspirations (like Roisin Murphy and Hercules and Love Affair) thought a perfect addition to their own remarkable record collection.

"reach for the poppers .. and the lazers"