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Llyr ft. Private Agenda - Interject

Format: Digital
Release Date: 15th July 2021
Label: Mesh

Only the keenest followers of Private Agenda may have spotted that Interject is the second collaboration we have made with Gareth Williams. The first was released on Tusk Wax, called Rhythm Ride (Gareth is one half of Pork & Tony…)

Under a new moniker, Llyr, Gareth began crafting a Biome, a remarkable record which sought to juxtapose his vast library of ‘natural’ sound recordings made in Borneo, with the sounds of the ‘anthropocene’, of human manipulation back in his Berlin studio.

Our intervention was subtle: a series of delicate vocal layers made through lots and lots of takes, before being swallowed whole in Llyr’s vast musical landscape.

Biome was released via Max Cooper’s Mesh label.