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A Mannequin

Format: Digital, 12-inch Vinyl
Release Date: 29th April 2022
Label: Lo Recordings

Where do you start composing a body of work? You could just write twelve great tracks and produce them in such a way there’s a synthesis, or you can look to introduce an umbrella theme. Everyone will have their own ways and means, but we’ve always looked for a framework or a theme from the outset to inspire, and to guide songwriting.

This project started with a track called ‘Gemini’. It was a track so full of personality and was so distinct at the time compared to other music we were making. All of a sudden, we had a framework for twelve strong themes: things that represented us, our friends, our experiences with personality, people we thought we knew, people we wanted to be…

The tracks should have an independence and exist on their own terms, but remain interrelated, and relatable… a body of work. A Mannequin.

Before we released the album, we sought to hide all the overt signs of the zodiac, leaving just a few hints… only the closest of listeners have since picked up on this project’s astrological beginnings…

"Musical hyper-realism"

"Electrónica e a Pop se misturam de forma mágica e muito intensa."


"Eine musikalische Welt von mühelosem Eklektizismus"

"Dream-pop songwriting with ethereal electronica"

"Disco-inflected, innovative mix of downtempo, electropop and experimental beats."

"MIDI toned vapourware flourishes, late-night pop-soul reminiscent of George Michael"