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Ultramarine - Lo Recordings Spaciousness Compilation

Format: Vinyl, Digital
Release Date: 16th November 2018
Label: Lo Recordings

It was either coincidence or fate that Rachel Carson’s The Edge of the Sea was stuffed in a jacket pocket at the time we first got involved with S P A C I O U S N E S S. Coming from an island, the sea always feels close somehow. It’s odd that we’re so cavalier about dumping all our shit in the sea – like all the space junk aimed toward Point Nemo or all that fishing tackle that swirls around to make up the Great Pacific Garbage Patch – particularly when we don’t fully understand what lies beneath in the ocean depths.

Ultramarine is a deep sea dive. Thematically it tries to capture the dynamism, the vibrancy and the mystery of what lurks beneath the waves. It’s curious and exploratory in composition and evokes a feeling of submersion – that initial unease and uncertainty followed by… freedom. A sort of immersion therapy.