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Format: Digital / Cassette
Release Date: 16th November 2018
Label: Nightshift

The making of Affection was a real labour of love. Since we started Private Agenda we’ve been trying to capture that sweet spot between the deep, beautiful romance that the best pop music conveys and that slick, fantastically referential style and production you’ll hear on records by the great indie icons of our time such as Blood Orange, Neon Indian or Toro Y Moi.

Channelling our love of those artists and the lo-fi aesthetic of bedroom pop, we coupled this with that enduring theme: love. It conquers all and frames this record conceptually. Playfully, we called the record “the call music to your next hook-up and the hold music to your next fuck-up”. Four tracks that we wanted to come off as immediate and intimate, but which were dripping in beauty and melancholy when you took a closer listen.

This was a team effort as usual; Nat Reading played the guitars on Instinct and Change whilst Paul Carr, whom we’ve also known for many moons did a wonderful job helping us to mix Instinct and the EP’s closer, Bedsheets.

"Groovy disco-influenced synth riffs and catchy vocals...ticks every box for what makes a catchy indie electronic track."

"The discotheque sensibilities, mixed in with the succulent drums, make it irresistible. You drool at the ‘perfection’ of every pitch it hits, in your ear and inside your heart. Just so good, like they always do it."