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Enzo Elia ft. Private Agenda - Distanze

Format: Digital
Release Date: 26th February 2021
Label: Engrave

We first met Enzo Elia at the very first Nightshift clubnight we put on in Berlin at Farbfernseher, a fantastic little venue on Skalitzer Str. (RIP). It was a sweaty disco night that we’d always seem to make a loss at, but it was magical all the same: there was a genuinely eclectic approach to music selection, which came together with a hedonism.

I remember Enzo playing Frankie Goes to Hollywood and the roof lifting off. There were at least a couple of occasions at that night we’d pull together a ‘behind the booth’ live show - Sean would do impromptu vocals stood on top of the DJ booth or on a stack of records behind it. Not the TLC you’d want to show a record collection, but a great spectacle nonetheless.

Distanze channels the spirit of that time in many ways and came together through a series of takes shared back and forth between Enzo and us. Paul Carr masterfully took care of the vocal engineering.