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Clandestino - Wonder (feat. Private Agenda)

Format: Vinyl 12-inch, Digital
Release Date: 8th August 2016
Label: Clandestino

We’d just had our second single out on International Feel when Leeds’ finest, Clandestino invited us to do a mix for their series on Soundcloud.

It was the same time they were gearing up to launch their own record label and asked us if we we’d be interested in a collaboration. This was one of these occasions where the timing was perfect. We really loved the gritty, analogue house demo the guys had sent us over, but we were keen to find a way to add a slightly more pop flavour to the mix and to add a couple more hooks just to give the track a little more immediacy. Ultimately, we kept it pretty minimal, adding a lead vocal line; lyrically opting for a wistful, almost mournful feel. Evoking that feeling of another chance gone begging. In reality, this was a case where everything just came together really nicely.