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Format: Digital
Release Date: 28th August 2017
Label: Last Gas Station

We wrote Texture at a real crossroads for the band. Nicolas Bougaïeff, who guided us wayward characters through our first record deals with International Feel and was such a source of inspiration when Private Agenda got going had recently departed to put his full energies into his solo project. A good decision by him because his music’s bloody good (Mute Records agree).

‘Texture’ was the sound of us trying to find our feet as a duo. Instrumentally, it’s playful, colourful disco. Lyrically, it’s full of anguish, torment and regret. In many regards, the epitome of what we try and capture in our music: the interplay between an almost cocksure presentation, but a real vulnerability when you look a little closer.

You’ll find ‘Texture’ sitting alongside the likes of DJ Tennis, The Juan Maclean and Yuksek on the seventh installment of LaGaSta’s annual ‘Late Summer Compilation’ – a compilation that’s become a bit of an institution.

How we ended up on the compilation is a classic tale of pestering which lead to eventual friendship. Vangelis of LaGaSta had been running a regular party at Dalston Superstore (one of London’s best small gay clubs) and we were desperate to get on the bill. Our nagging eventually worked and we found ourselves playing our first live show in London (and our first without Nick), playing the bar upstairs. We had to cram all our gear; mic stands, synths – the lot – into this tiny DJ booth. Wes Baggaley was opening up the night and I remember feeling so grateful that he was so relaxed about us ‘taking over’ the booth as he finished up his set just to get our stuff set up. Not many DJs would have been so patient. I’m glad he’s such an in-demand DJ now – a great selector and even nicer guy.

That night was special for so many reasons, playing in-front of so many friends who’ve supported our music-making for years, but I remember we were also sharing a bill with Alexis from Hot Chip – one of our favourite bands. Sinking a few cocktails after the show and having a jig to George Michael downstairs capped off a special night for us.