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Format: Vinyl 12-inch, Digital
Release Date: 19th April 2017
Label: Royal Athlete
Saxaphone: Bruce Hall

Berlin’s not known to be a disco city. Good disco nights are few and far between. A really good one is Hot Pony at Sameheads, a fantastic little sweatbox in Neukoelln put on by Timmy Lee and Antoni Maiovvi who also run the label, Royal Athlete.

It’s a proper party. An all-out, arms-in-the air, Hi-NRG assault, all sweat and tears. After we’d been living in Berlin a few months and frequenting their parties, we were invited to play. It was our first DJ gig in Berlin and we had a litrle bit of time to prepare, so we ended up making some music for the sole purpose of playing those productions out at the night – Tender was the best of the bunch we made.

Lyrically disarming and full of regret; instrumentally, polished and primal. Pumped with adrenaline and nerves, we arrived early and played it during a soundcheck at the club. Timmy loved it, and snapped it up for his label Royal Athlete there and then. The rest, as they say, is history.

"a tremendous blast of Hi-NRG Disco from Berlin"

"Top Tracks of the Week"