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Pork & TONY feat Private Agenda - Rhythm Ride

Format: Vinyl 12-inch
Release Date: 3rd June 2018
Label: Tusk Wax

Sweaty – that’s all I can really remember feeling when making Rhythm Ride. We were holed up with Pork & Tony in this apartment in Berlin one Summer whilst it was over thirty degrees outside. We had vocals to record, so all the windows were closed shut. There was no aircon. Nobody has air conditioning in Berlin. We fashioned a vocal booth out of bedding, so inside the ‘den’ it was sweltering. It was sticky and uncomfortable, but looking back, those conditions were somehow essential to the making of ‘Rhythm Ride’.

It’s a sweaty mess of a track: chuggy and emotive; lyrically, a little bit playful and naughty. It’s definitely got that hands-in-the-air, tops-off feel to it. ‘Luke’s Summer’ also has a drunken swagger to it. The result: two of the most club-friendly tracks we’ve ever made.

"An assured slice of cosmic tinkering"