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Killaflaw - Message (Private Agenda Remix)

Format: Digital
Release Date: 4th March 2016
Label: Wall of Sound

Our first remix came about as a result of a chance encounter. One day in a cafe local to where we lived swept Mark Jones of Wall of Sound. Mark isn’t very good at camouflage, what with the pink beret and briefcase, so I recognised him instantly. I sidled over and we talked Royksopp and reissues, Pikes Hotel and pop music and one thing led to another.

Within 48 hours, we’d received the stems to Killaflaw’s latest release, ‘Message’. We were given free reign, but the remix presented us with a musical challenge – how to take a track quite distant in style from our own productions and to transform it into something recognisable to the Private Agenda listnership.

We completely reworked the structure of the track, tooling the track for the nightclub, rather than the gig venue. A few lush synth lines, additional guitars and some panpipes later and we’d found a nice middle ground.