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Full Moon

Format: Digital
Release Date: 15th June 2016
Label: Nightshift
Saxophone: Luke Marzec
Bass: Matt Glasbey

‘Full Moon’ is our coming out record. Lyrically, it’s about friendships: how your nearest and dearest respond when you finally discover you’re queer and you’re not afraid to let everybody know. Musically, we wanted ‘Full Moon’ to be reminiscent of those dusty disco records you find in a box in your parents’ loft or at the flea market… you know the ones with the cringey backlit portraits on the sleeve. We went all out: sax solos, guitar solos, a Michael Jackson-esque chorus. No fucks given, just the way disco should be.

Around the time we wrote ‘Full Moon’ we’d just started putting on parties at this club called Farbfernseher in Berlin’s Kreuzberg district and we’d done a night with Joie Iacono. She’s a creative powerhouse and played a role in the early artistic direction of Hercules & Love Affair back in her New York days. She’d just started up a production project, echoing the name of an old party she used to run with Andy Butler called Cazzo Pazzo. We handed them the keys to the original and they went super-italo (by name and by nature) producing a ‘Full Time’ remix. Ichisan then outdid himself and produced two remixes, both primed for the dancefloor. One for the sunset and another for the bunker rave.

"Full Moon: a fine slice of nu-italo which can proudly stand next to old classics like Funky Family or Gaz Nevada"