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Format: Digital
Release Date: 7th June 2019
Label: Lo Recordings

Aura is the eponymous lead single from Private Agenda’s latest EP, a striking introduction to the thematic and musical world of their forthcoming debut album, Île de Rêve – an island of dreams in English: a diverse collection of musical short stories which explore a variety of real and imagined island worlds.

The official video represents a collaboration between the band and film production team, Boyter and Pope. Shot on a combination of digital and Super 8 film, surreal cinema meets surreal pop. Traversing an aesthetic past and present, the video showcases an interplay between real and imagined worlds.

After digging through a warehouse full of props, the boys of Private Agenda tell the story of Aura under a shower of glitter falling from the studio balcony. The colours are bright and bold, the mood: romantic and melancholy. It’s a striking realisation of the Private Agenda’s eccentric, eclectic audio-visual worldview.